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The Academy is in uniform transition.  Please read the following in order to ensure your student is complying with policy.

Uniform Policy:

Tops - All tops should have the new sword logo. 

Bottoms - Bottoms from Sunshine are allowed for 2016-2017 school year.  Beginning 2017-2018, all bottoms should be either from Dugout Sportswear or (new option) through Land's End. 

Land's End ordering help

Land's End purchasing

Dugout Sportswear website

Questions and Answers:

Q - Can the old crest logo be worn on uniforms during 2016-2017 school year.

A - No.  Only the new logo should be worn on uniforms beginning 2016-2017.

Q - Can the bottoms purchased from Sunshine Uniforms be worn during 2016-2017 school year?

A - Yes.  The bottoms may be worn during 2016-2017 ONLY.  Beginning 2017-2018, all bottoms must be worn either through Dugout Sportswear or purchased through Land's End.

Q - Can the bottoms just purchased last year from Dugout Sportswear be worn?

A - Yes.  All bottoms purchased through Dugout Sportswear can be worn.

Q - Where do I order new tops?

A - Through the Dugout Sportswear link above or go to the store during Warrior Days (listed under events.)

Q - Where do I order new shorts?

A - All shorts must now be ordered through Land's End who have a variety of sizing options.  See the above link.

For all other questions regarding shoes, hair, accessories, etc., please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook page.

Still have questions on Dugout Sportswear or Land's End - go here