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Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

2017 - 2018 Administration, Faculty, Staff and Support Staff


Pastor Jason Karr, Headmaster
B.A., History, Stetson University
M.Div., Dallas Theological Seminary

Vicky Snyder, Dean of Academics

B.S., Biology, Physical Education and Health, Kent State University

M.A., Athletic Administration, Kent State University

PhD, Curriculum, Instruction and Assesment, University of Akron

Seth Shealy, Dean of Students
B.A., Criminal Justice, Biblical Studies

Patti Skelly, Director of Admissions & Business Administration
B.S., Education, Penn State

Alesha Richmond, Teacher and Director of Marketing & Development
B.S., Business Administration, Marketing & Management
M.Ed., Liberty University




Grammar Teachers  

Amy Knaebel, Kindergarten
B.S., Therapeutic Recreation, Florida State University

Kristin Matherly, First Grade
B.S., Elementary Education
M.S., Teaching & Learning, Liberty University

Donna Karr, Second Grade
B.A., Elementary Education, Stetson University

Carrie Beck, Third Grade
B.S., Elementary Education, Pensacola Christian College

Rita Pierce, Fourth Grade
B.A., Elementary Education, Azusa Pacific University

Christine Hoffman, Fifth Grade
B.S., Church Ministries and Bible, Miami Christian College

Valerie Brown, Sixth Grade
B.S., Elementary Education, Kent State University



Logic & Rhetoric Teachers

Tabbie Allred
B.S., Elementary Education
M.R.E. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Science 2nd-6th Grade

Kristin Birkedal

B.S., Medicine, University of Alabama, PA-C

B.S., Psychology, Minor in Biology, Florida State University

E'lise Canfield
5 Years College with Concentration in Communications and Science

5 Years Teaching Bible K-4th

Life Science

Lisa Carson
B.S., Elementary Education, Kent State University
M.A., Exceptional Child
Geometry, Medieval History & Literature

Michelle Collins

B.S., Mathematics, Minor in Education, Stetson University

Matthew Exline
B.A., History, Patrick University
M.A., American History, Liberty University
Honors American History, US Constitution & Government

Aaron Johnsen
B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Central Florida
Modern Literature I

Pastor Jason Karr
B.A., History, Stetson University
MDiv., Dallas Theological Seminary

David Mills
B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Delaware
Algebra II, Pre-Calc, Physical Science, Physics

Shayna Mills
B.A., Communications, LibertyUniversity 

College & Vocational Prep    

Alesha Richmond
B.S., Business Administration-Marketing & Management, Bluefield State College
M.Ed., Liberty University
Algebra I & Dual Enrollment-Student Success

Seth Shealy
B.A., Criminal Justice, Biblical Studies
Biblical Manhood & Womanhood, NT Survey, Systematic Theology I & II

Mark Stene
B.S., Humanities, Minnesota State University
Modern History & Literature

Dr. Tom Tacker
B.S., Management, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Ph.D., Economics, University of North Carolina
Dual Enrollment-Economics

Jessica Woodroof   

B.A., Biblical Studies, Reformation Bible College

Latin 3rd-7th Grade

Sarah Woodroof
B.A., Theological Studies, Reformation Bible College


Elective Teachers

Cynthia Best
B.A., Major in Nursing, Minor in Music
MS & HS Choir

Sasha Davis
B.S., Art, Minor in Spanish, Pensacola Christian College
MS & HS Studio Art & Art History

Seth Shealy
B.A., Criminal Justice, Biblical Studies

Linda Toth
B.A., Art, Adrian College
MS Business Tech, HS Photography/Videography, Yearbook Advisor


Grammar Special Area Teachers/Support Staff

Tabbie Allred, Science 2-6
B.S., Education
M.R.E. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Bridget Barton, Administrative Assistant

Cynthia Best, Music K-3
B.A., Nursing, Music Minor

Michelle Fleming, Administrative Assistant

Laura Johnsen, Art K-5
B.S., Interior Design, Florida State

Shayna Mills, College and Vocational Counselor

B.A., Communications, LibertyUniversity 

Pam Mills, Office Support

Rudi Registrato, Music 4-5
B.A., Music Education
M.A., Education

Melissa Simons, Development Assistant

Linda Toth, Latin 3-5
B.A., Art, Adrian College


Teacher Aides

Cindy Carswell: K

Kristy Cerovac: 6th

Michelle Fishel:  4th & 5th

Grace Rogers: 2nd & 3rd

Myra Shealy :1st