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School Supply Lists for all grades

School Supply Lists for all grades


We are happy to announce a new way to purchase your school supplies.  We have teamed up with ClassBundl to make purchasing easier.  Simply go to the link supplied and click on the grade desired.  Everything your student will need is listed there!  The Academy will receive some cash back from your purchase!

You can choose to order the entire bundle or pick the ones you want.  Prices are comparable to the store and our school gets 5% cash back!   

Very soon, you will be able to visit ClassBundl to begin shopping from wherever you are and avoid those busy stores! 


Below are the supply lists for 2018-2019.

Please ensure you have the list of supplies for your student previous to their first day of school.

Supply List for Grammar Students 2018-2019

Supply List for Upper Students 2018-2019